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Shenzhen Jinghui Precision Technology Co., Ltd

A customized factory focusing on the development and design of precision molds and precision parts

About us

Our company was established in 2009. The business scope includes general business items: precision molds, precision components, hardware accessories, sales and technology development; Domestic trade, import and export of goods and technology. The licensed business items are: production and customization of precision molds, precision components, hardware accessories, mold blanks and mold accessories.
The company has 16 machining centers such as yasda 640V, okuma-64mpv, FANUC and Taiwan Yongjin (YCM), 6 Makino CNC EDM, 4 GF machining solutions slow wire cutting, and the quality center: Hexagon automatic three coordinates detection, as well as nearly 30 high-precision production and processing equipment. One stop customized production plant for precision molds and precision components.

Core Advantages
  • Technology Center
    Technology Center Industrial design, graphic design, product structure design, electronic software and hardware design can fully meet the development and design needs of customers, and provide strong technical support for model production and product appearance surface treatment.
  • Quality control
    Quality control Coordinate detector, altimeter, spectrometer, tool detector, three-dimensional element, two-dimensional element, caliper, micrometer, needle gauge, thread plug gauge, ring gauge, hardness tester, finish tester and other precision tests to ensure product accuracy and quality
  • Complete process
    Complete process Prototype precision parts processing and customized parts, precision CNC machining + mold manufacturing services, specific parts manufacturing and manufacturing services
  • Information safety
    Information safety Sign confidentiality agreement, install confidential software, strict access control system, full monitoring and closed hierarchical fingerprint gate control management
  • After-sale service
    After-sale service Professional online and offline service teams, 24-hour efficient pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service system, so that each part manufacturing process can be visually tracked.
Customized cooperation
Shenzhen Jinghui Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is a Professional mold parts processingCompany, 15 yearsExperience in machining precision mold parts, ImportPrecision mold processing equipment to meet your needs Diversified customizationDemand, productionAll kinds of complex precision mold parts are processed with very mature experience, The quality is excellent and the details are in place, mold processing International quality certification standards, perfect after-sales service and good reputationYes, welcome friends to consult!
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